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GSCO2 Organization

The GSCO2 management consists of a Director, Associate Director, and Theme Leaders that provide scientific and technical leadership as well as maintain the functionality of the GSCO2 in terms of communication, collaboration, resource allocation, and recruitment of staff and advisory committee members.

The GSCO2 is supported by a Center Coordinator, Scientific Editor, and Database Coordinator. Two advisory committees, the Science Advisory Council (SAC) and Industry Advisory Board (IAB), review the Center annually for direct advice and counsel to the Director, Associate Director, and Theme Leaders.

Organizational Chart

EFRC Map Science Advisory Council and Industry Advisory Board Executive Committee Kenneth Christensen - Pore-Scale Pressure Transmission Jennifer Druhan Angie-Therese Akono Paul Johnson - Geomechanical Measurements Volker Oye - Microseismicity Calvin Barnes - Resevoir-scale Geology Charles Werth - Geochemical Reactions Roland Okwen Scott Frailey Muhammad Sahimi - Pore-Scale Pressure Transmission William Harbert - Geochemical Reactions Michael Jordan Pierre-Yves Le Bas - Geomechanical Measurements Robert Bauer Pierre Cerasi Dustin Sweet - Reservoir-scale Geology Alexey Bezryadin Ahmed Elbanna - Pore-Scale Pressure Transmission Bettina Goertz-Allman Theodore Tsotsis Kristian Jessen Steve Whittaker - Reservoir-scale Geology Steve Marshak - Reservoir-scale Geology Volker Oye - Reservoir-scale Geology Dustin Crandall - Pore-Scale Pressure Transmission Albert Valocchi - Pore-scale Pressure Transmission Steve Whittaker Scott Frailey Nicolas Espinoza - Geochemical Reactions Paul Sylvester Branimir Segvic Bettina Goertz-Allmann - Reservoir-scale Geology Sergey Stanchits Melanie Barnes - Reservoir-scale Geology John Popovics - Geomechanical Measurments Roman Makhnenko - Geomechanical Measurements Angela Goodman Dustin Crandall - Geochemical Reactions

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GSCO2 Members
Microseismicity Reservoir-scale Geology Geochemical Reactions
Robert Bauer Calvin Barnes Ange-Therese Akono
Pierre Cerasi Melanie Barnes Dustin Crandall
Scott Frailey Bettina Goertz-Allman Jennifer Druhan
Bettina Goertz-Allman Stephen Marshak Nicolas Espinoza
Roland Okwen Volker Oye Angela Goodman
Volker Oye Branimir Segvic William Harbert
Sergey Stanchits Dustin Sweet Kristian Jessen
  Paul Sylvester Theodore Tsotsis
Steve Whittaker Charles Werth
Geomechanical Measurements   Pore-scale Pressure Transmission
Alexey Bezryadin Kenneth Christensen
Paul Johnson Dustin Crandall
Pierre-Yves Le Bas Ahmed Elbanna
Roman Makhnenko Muhammad Sahimi
John Popovics Albert Valocchi

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