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About the Center for Geologic Storage of CO2

GeophysicsPhoto Credit: Joel Dexter, Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS). Illustration credit: Daniel Byers (ISGS); modified by Scott Frailey (ISGS)

The Center for Geologic Storage of CO2 (GSCO2) is an integrated multidiscipline and multi- institution research center focused on recognized challenges for commercial scale storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) storage. Its mission is to generate new conceptual, mathematical, and numerical models applicable to geologic storage systems in specific and strategically identified research areas, based on uncertainty and limitations observed in field pilots and CO2 injection demonstration projects, laboratory experiments, and the experience of researchers.

The Center for Geologic Storage of CO2 aims to improve fundamental understanding of one of the most important questions regarding the geologic storage of CO2 and other fluids:

What are the mechanisms of injection-induced microseismicity, and can we control
and predict its occurrence?

Five specific research questions have been designed to address this overarching question.

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